What is Iyengar yoga ?P1010071
See this page for more information on Iyengar Yoga

What should I bring to a class ?
In Iyengar yoga we tend to use a lot of equipment which I do my up most to provide however, if you have your own yoga mat and/or blocks, belts etc please bring them along, it would be a big help.

What should I wear ?
Clothes that you can move in are essential but its also important for me to be able to see the shape of the body. Ideally a t-shirt and shorts or leggings as this will enable me to check your alignment for safety and adjustments.

Should I come to yoga if I have my period ?
For most women it’s fine to practice yoga during your period in fact certain asanas can be very beneficial during this time however, certain asana’s should be avoided. The best thing to do is always inform the teacher at the start of the class if you are menstruating and that way they should be able to advise you accordingly.


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